Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kvismaren Bird Observatory

Arriving in Sweden for the first time yesterday afternoon I was amazed by the sheer vastness of it all. I mistook lakes for seas whilst flying over them and the endless forests which hugged the horizon. I travelled across the country from Stockholm to Orebro by train where I met the reserve chief for this season Magnus.

Today Magnus and I began work surveying the Hooded Crow and Raven nests within Kvismaren itself. A cracking day with some extra special sights too. Marsh harriers floating around the woodlands picking sticks for their nests, White-tailed eagles hunting over fresh water reeds is also something different. The Eagles often pursued by Raven and Marsh Harrier alike. Green, Great Spotted and Lesser Spotted woodpecker also today; Still not seen the Lesser Spot but they’re drumming and calling somewhere nearby. Cranes danced in the fields.

Other things seen today -


A Beaver swam straight towards us and got within 3 metres of the car before diving.

Fieldfare and Redwing are common thrushes here and they’re nesting everywhere in good numbers.

Yellow Hammer and Tree Sparrow are not very easy to see at home but are in abundance here.

White-Fronted, Barnacle, Greylag,Bean,Canada and Pink footed geese today.

around 100 Cranes seen today, some “dancing”.

Green Sandpipers and Snipe display on the marshlands.

Bitterns Booming.


Magnus and I will continue surveying Crows and Wetlands this week and still await the other staff to come and join us.

No pictures worth posting yet, I will get some soon. First though, I need to learn some Latin.

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