Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Seeing Soot.

This morning I woke early doors as I knew conditions would be marginal. I intended to take thrush for 1 hour then close nets. The weather didn’t want me to so instead I stayed in bed. A casual lie in later and Jesper woke me up near 10am. I slowly woke up and decided to have a look on the sea as the wind was south potentially pushing the Eider and Little gulls close by. With in a couple of minutes I had Eider flying over the field in front of the house and these gave great views. After about 10 minutes of watching I picked up a bird a long way off banking, Shearwater like. I managed to get a better view of the bird and then told Jesper calmly “Sooty Shearwater.” He lept up and I put him on the bird. We later took a look on the Danish bird site and it seems this is only the 3rd Record for Gedser and the first since 2001.

Late morning, Gert picked me, Jesper and Anders up to go around the local parks catching Coot. It felt homely, wandering around parkland, catching birds in plain view of the public. It was only a short session but we managed to catch 2 Coot (plus 1 re-trap) and 6 Mallards – I can’t however take any credit for the Mallard as our “co-ordinated catch” turned in to me lying face first on the floor without any birds, Jesper having picked his two and Anders and Gert also empty handed. This brought back memories of a certain Canada Goose in the Lake district back home, I’m sure Kane, Chris and Ciaran will remember which!

A nice day then although no passerines to be seen. Highlights today – Sooty Shearwater, Little Gull, Rough-Legged Buzzard, Catching Coot and a decent flock of Siskins way up in the trees in a city park.

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