Thursday, 19 April 2012

Time to blog?

Since my last "update" I've not really had much time to blog.

The first week here I've just been up at dawn and counting wildfowl and waders using Kvismaren as either passage or breeding sites, it's really nice to be out at first light and I've seen some great things this week whilst being out and about. A first for me was a Lesser black-backed gull (intermedius) though I don't class this as a species I'd still never see 'one' before. Also I saw a male Ferruginous Duck (Aythya nyroca) which again I'd never seen before. I've seen a female before but it was way back through some horrible binoculars (which have been lovingly likened to "like looking through cardboard" by my ringing trainers and group). So after stunning view of both of these a male Long-tailed duck turns up and again giving great views, I've not seen these so well since a memorable trip to Iceland a couple of summers ago with Kane, Chris and Ciaran.

So enough of that. Other decent birds this week: 3 Osprey, White-tailed eagle, Green sands (here there and everywhere), Rough-legged buzzard at least 4, 2 Hen Harrier (Female and 2cy male, hunting together). 20+ Marsh Harriers, 200 Bean Geese (inc 2 Anser fabalis rossicus) 25 Pinkies, 80 White-fronts (all albifrons) , 20 Barnacles. Hundreds of Meadow pipit in a roost. 1000+ Cranes (Grus grus). Lots of Roe Deer around the house, a hare and today I almost fell over a Beaver before it slapped it's tail and with a glug disappeared out of site.

I've also started ringing in the garden.

1 Great Tit.
1 Chaffinch.
1 Robin.
1 Kestrel.

Sorry about the lack of photos with my laptop dead I'm reduced to the old fashioned office PC here at Kvismaren.

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