Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A big thank you and a new start.

I do not blog as often as I may hope but I feel that if I am to blog it has to be something of interest. There has been a few developements since I last blogged...

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to Seumus Eaves, Phil Slade and Kane Brides in particular for all their help and hard work putting up with me throughout my training to ring birds. I have recently applied for a restricted netting permit and this should appear hopefully before I vacate (More on this later) So many thanks to these 3 and all the other great people who I have been lucky enough to spend some time and great experiences with whilst out catching birds.

Next, the fantastic group of friends I have been lucky enough to travel around with, having countless laughs and triumphs as well as failings and frollocks which has temporarily split up. With Chris (Birdman) Bridge always at Uni I suppose we are all used to this and he seems to get back often enough to spend time with us, however Ciaran, after spending the whole last winter working hard and enjoying it being Kane's assistant has now vacated to the Farne Islands to be a Warden until September and possibly longer? I am sure Ciaran will do fantastic work out there and I wish him all the best with his travels. Stay safe mate. Kane and me have held the fort before whilst Ciaran and Chris travel far and wide birding or working, but never before have I left. This will mean all of the fantastic bunch are now fragmented, I am off to Sweden to Kvismare Bird Observatory to aid with Census work and from June to September run a ringing base.

I must wish Chris good luck with his academic studies whilst I am away, please concerntrate on Uni studies this year. Twitching is not the way forward and do NOT let Mr Hincliffe twist your arm for some "tick", it really isn't worth losing out on uni for!

Cia, stay safe and do well mate. I have faith you will be having a cracking time and will be in your element out there. I've seen the pics and it looks like you're already settling well.

Kane, look after yourself and keep busy (I'm sure you will). Thanks for all the help and hard work you've put in with me :) Really appreciate this.

All three of you have been a fantastic inspiration whilst out and about and I will miss you all greatly. I'm sure that the next time we each meet will be a fantastic occasion and I look forward to it already.

Possibly a joint belated 21st for Cia (very very late for you mate) and Birdman just a little late? I'll be back in October, however I hope to keep the blog updated from Sweden if at all possible.

Good birding and best wishes to all.