Wednesday, 14 September 2011


So the ringing season here at Kvismaren is drawing to a close and I now have a little bit of time to briefly update on the seasons preceedings! (Only due to Miss Katia's tail)

The season has been great, many more juvenile birds than normal have been caught and a few observatory records have been broken; maybe this is due to new methods being used however?

Up to now we have caught a little over 5200 birds and recaptured in the region of 1500. So we've been busy. I refer to we as me and the small team of assistants (and 2 other ringers.) We started June 22nd as a team of 3 setting 24 nets at Vallen and 20 nets at Banvallen, alternating days. Many birds were caught in the first few days before weather turned a little bit into the begining of July. Peter (Hungarian Ringer) Jalle and Rebecca then arrived (making us a team of 6, 2 ringers 4 assistants) we felt over staffed and didn't really catch "many" birds throughout July, around 30 the daily average. Peter and 4 assistants left and 3 new assistants came, we saw out July as me being the only ringer with 3 assistants, a very busy time with 60+ new birds a day and long hours of data input to follow.

Into August and Simon (Italian ringer) came to help. Just in time as the daily catch had gone up dramatically. We didn't get out ringing everyday in August in fact only 22 out of 31. We managed to ring 2239 birds. The highest catch of birds was 251 new birds in 4 hours (168 Willow Warblers.

September came and as did new assistants, Simon left and so we're now a team of 3. 1 assistant will leave in 1 weeks time leaving myself and Martin to see out the season. We won't be ringing many birds however unless this wind stops. September up to now has seen 625 birds ringed and we have only been out 7 times so we're still very busy (when we get chance to ring)

Highlights for the season include.

(1)Crested Tit
(5)Penduline Tit
(160) Great Reed Warbler
(1)Savi's Warbler
(8)Icterine Warbler
(10)Marsh Warbler
(2)Willow Tit
(42) Tree Pipit
(502) Barn Swallow
(1006) Willow Warbler

Hopefully soon the Bramblings will find the nets.

Hopefully Photo's will follow soon also.